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Operation Mustang Web Show started off as a labor of love of mine. The purpose of the show was for me to be able to reach a large group of people and help them with their classic car restorations from here in Chicago. Classic car restoration shops, such as mine have to charge quite a bit to stay in business and many don't have the funds to pay to have the work done. Does that mean that they are stuck? Absolutely not! I have no problem helping out, when I can, and have spent a lot of time putting together video compilations and shooting this show all in an effort to help all of you. Yes, its a lot or work, but its also a lot of fun and I plan on continuing Operation Mustang as long as my sponsors stay involved.

The show is growing at a fast clip so its getting pretty obvious that you all appreciate the special dose of "reality" in my reality show ;-) You will not be insulted with any staged fights, I will not throw one trash can and no one here at Mustang Restoration, Inc. is going to Vote anyone off. What I DO promise you is that each episode that I shoot and post will be cramed with usefull and money saving classic car information which you can march right into your garage and use.

That being said, I expect you to enjoy each of my 26 shows at Operation Mustang Web Show. All show are archived so you will see our first show all the way up to the most recent! Drop me a line and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, enjoy.. and remember that this doctor, The Doctor of Restoration, is always in!

Kentucky Mustang - Click to go to their website
985 Double Gate Road, Jeffersonville, KY 40337
888.861.0176 - EMail Them

Dallas Mustang - Click to go to their website
10720 Sandhill Road, Dallas, TX 75238-1216
800.MUSTANG - or 214.349.0991 - EMail

California Mustang - Click to go to their Website
19400 San Jose Avenue, Industry, CA 91748
800.775.0101 - EMail Them

National Parts Depot - Click to go to their Website
2435 S. Haggerty Rd. Canton, MI 48188
800.521.6104 - EMail Them

Distinctive Industries - Click to go to their Site

HTP/USAWeld - Click to go to their web site

LateModel Restoration
Click to go to their web site

Auto Wares Inc.
440 Kirtland SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Classic Car Insurance
Continental Western Insurance Group


We are excited to be able to include some fantastic companies to Operation Mustang and the Mustang Restoration Network!

I strongly recommend that you steer your business to the above companies should you find the need for something. If I didn't think that they would provide you with the best parts, service, etc.. believe me, they could keep their money and they would not be part of my show.