classic mustang gas tank protection

Classic Mustang Gas Tank Protection

Chris "The Doc" Ingrassia (Owner of Mustang Restoration, Inc and host of the Operation Mustang Web Show) has been keeping these American icons out of our junkyards for over 30 years. The TankTop is the latest innovation by "the Doc" to continue keeping these fantastic cars safe for everyone. The Tank Top lays easily over the existing Mustang gas tank providing it with not only a new looking exterior, but giving it protection from most common trunk hazards. When you compare the price of a new gas tank, as well as the labor to replace, you will see why the Tank Top has become such a popular alternative to replacement. They are affordable and very easy to instal. Visit to order safely online.

Welcome to Classic Mustang Television

Mustang Restoration, Inc. is located in East Dundee, IL. The shop is over 30,000 square feet of classic Mustang magic. There are separate areas for bodywork, Painting (in-house paint booth), mechanical functions, installation, final assembly, showroom and offices.

All the bodywork is done in one massive area where some of the area\'s premiere artists practice their craft. Body panels go from rough, crinkled messes to wrinkle free, smooth planes. Here is NOT where you are going to find a half inch of bondo being used to straighten that panel. Unbelievable skill is used every day to get the surrounding body as straight as possible, without the aids of fillers and heavy primers. As those who are experienced in this subject well knows, these are the types of quality pre-paint jobs which are necessary to win awards.

There is painting and then there is applying a superior deep and glossy coating of color to a meticulously smooth finish. Mustang Restoration, Inc. achieve the later through the use of incredible, time honed skill and modern, cutting edge technology. The renaissance had Mc Alangelo, the 50s had Picasso and the classic Mustang community has Chris “the Doc” Ingrassia and the crew at Mustang Restoration, Inc. There are no rented paint booths, no color being shot on wet driveways or parking lots and you will NOT get your ‘stang back within three days. Every technique is applied, then reapplied. Adequate amounts of time is scheduled to allow for proper chemical dispersement and therefore superior color retention. Award winning finishes are not just what we “shoot” for, its what we do every day. If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive paint job, you will not find it here. If you want a quality, award winning finishes then you are in for a treat.


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